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Shepty turns your text documents, articles, ebooks and more into life-like personalized podcasts that you can listen to anywhere and anytime. Make every minute count with text-to-speech!

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In today's fast-paced world, time is a commodity more precious than ever, especially for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. The constant quest for self-improvement and staying updated with the latest industry trends often means diving into a sea of documents, articles, web pages, and ebooks. However, finding the time to sit down and read through all this valuable content becomes a significant challenge.

An individual standing calmly with a coffee cup in hand. Around his head, depict a halo of digital words, text and documents spiraling into their ears, transforming into colorful, flowing waves.

Enter Shepty, the innovative app designed to transform the way busy professionals and entrepreneurs consume written content. By converting text documents, articles, web pages, and ebooks into speech, Shepty creates personalized podcasts that you can listen to anywhere and anytime. Whether you're commuting, working out, or just taking a break, Shepty ensures you're not just staying informed but are doing so in the most efficient way possible.

Say goodbye to the overwhelming piles of unread content and hello to a world where learning and staying updated is as easy as pressing play.

Turn your precious time into an opportunity for growth and improvement.

What will you gain from Shepty?

No time but want to grow? This is exactly what Shepty can help you with by turning the time you already have into valuable growth opportunities.

With Shepty, you will...

  • Save a lot of time

    You cannot extend your day, but you will turn the time you always had into valuable development opportunities.

  • Clear your reading list

    You will turn your ever-growing pile of "must-read" articles into a collection of "have-listened" insights.

  • Choose your content

    You will handpick the articles, newsletters, documents, and more ensuring every piece of content is exactly what you interested in.

See how Shepty works

Watch a short visualization below to understand how Shepty works.

Turn the sound ON to hear Shepty's voice!

Content you want the way you like

Discover the power of personalized reading with Shepty, where the content that matters to you meets the listening experience you love.

  • Choose your content

    You are the one who chooses which content is important to you and what you want to listen to.

  • Choose your voice

    You have dozens of natural-sounding voices available. You decide which of them Shepty will speak to you.

  • Choose your language

    Do you speak and read multiple languages? Shepty speaks a variety of languages and also reads multilingual texts.

  • Set the reading speed

    You will adjust the reading speed to your preference giving yourself the opportunity to read faster and more efficiently.

  • Set the theme

    You choose the theme that suits you, whether you prefer light or dark mode.

  • Share with Shepty

    You can add your content through the app, by using the share button, sending it directly to your private Shepty email address, or you can even automate the process with RSS or API.

  • Listen & read

    Shepty is mainly focused on listening to content, but you can always read each document in a minimalistic Reader View or follow the text while listening.

  • Scan your texts

    Have some printed texts on your reading list? No problem - you will scan them with your camera to have them in the app.

  • Access anywhere

    Your entire digital library will be where you are, wherever you are. Your playlists will be synchronized between your mobile app and your web browser.

  • Highlight and take notes

    You read and listen to gain knowledge. You can mark important bits and write down or record notes so you won't miss anything important.

  • Monitor progress

    When you're trying to read on the go, it's easy to get lost in what you've already read and what you haven't yet. With Shepty, you'll always know.

  • Automate with API

    You can manage your library through the API so that the apps you are using can talk to Shepty.

Transparent pricing

Shepty offers a transparent usage-based payment system. When adding a document, you can always check how much resources is needed to process it.


$9 $12 per month

  • all the features
  • 200 tokens for premium voices per month
  • unlimited free voices
  • option to purchase more tokens
  • priority support
  • 7 day free trial


$19 $22 per month

  • all the features
  • 500 tokens for premium voices per month
  • unlimited free voices
  • option to purchase more tokens
  • priority support
  • 7 day free trial


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A personalized range of functionality aligned with your unique needs.

  • public links
  • embedding the player on your pages
  • priority support

What are tokens?

Transforming text into natural-sounding speech comes at a cost so text processing is limited by assigning tokens (virtual money) within the application you can use to process your documents.

Let's put it as simple as possible: 1 token = 1000 characters.

How much tokens do I need?

The table below shows approximated costs for different types of content. Of course, this can vary depending on the language of the text, the type of text or the industry, but it should give you more or less an idea of how many tokens you will need yourself.

Content TypeTokens Needed
blog post article2-15 tokens
e-mail newsletter1-10 tokens
market reports market analysis25-50 tokens
research paper20-35 tokens
ebook150-700 tokens

Need more tokens?

Sometimes you may have a need for a one-time top-up of your account with additional tokens. No matter which plan you are on, you can always add more tokens to your account.

The price is fixed at $4.5 for every 100 tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out if your question is not answered here.

Shepty is especially beneficial for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for an efficient way to continue learning and personal development on their tight schedules. It offers flexibility in consuming educational and informational content anytime and anywhere.

Life-like voices are one of the main reasons Shepty was created. Shepty utilizes an advanced text-to-speech synthesizer supported by artificial intelligence to ensure the audio output sounds natural and engaging, just like listening to a podcast.

Yes, Shepty allows you to create custom playlists with the content you wish to listen to. You can create your own playlists by manually assigning documents to them, or you can utilize automatic content categorization based on your own guidelines. This feature helps in organizing learning and development materials according to your preferences.

Yes, Shepty offers an offline mode. You can play content that was previously downloaded to your device offline without noticeable differences. However, it may happen that you want to listen offline to something that hasn't been downloaded. In this case Shepty can use the native synthesizer built into your device. The quality of such a voice will not be ideal, but it will allow you to continue listening even without internet access.

Yes! The playback speed is adjustable, enabling you to tailor the listening pace to your preferences.

Shepty gives you the ability to add bookmarks, text notes or voice memos as you listen, making it easy to refer back to important moments later.

Shepty is currently available on iOS devices as a native app and on desktops as a web app (which can be installed on your system). Support for Android and iPadOS, as well as in-car systems (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) is also planned for the future.

Shepty is an application focused on quality and convenience, which comes at a cost due to the technologies used. You can test Shepty with all its capabilities during the free trial period. After your subscription expires, you can still use the mobile app in read-only mode.

Yes, Shepty is a paid application. As part of your subscription, you get access to the app with all its capabilities. The difference between the packages is only in the number of tokens you can spend on premium voices. For detailed pricing, see pricing section.

To create natural-sounding speech, we use the best tools on the market. Tokens are, in practice, the currency that is used to pay for converting text into speech.

Yes, it is always possible to get extra tokens. There are two options: 1. You can change to a higher plan and additional tokens resulting from the difference between the plans will be added to your account 2. You can buy additional tokens without changing the plan See pricing section for more information.

Tokens are valid for 60 days. Each new token package assigned to your account has an expiration date. When you use premium votes, the app always uses the oldest tokens you have. Example: You have paid your subscription thereby receiving 500 tokens, but you have only used 300 for the entire month. After a month, you received another 500 tokens as part of your subscription. You therefore have 700 tokens available: 200 valid for the next 30 days, 500 valid for the next 60 days.

We will keep them for you for six months so that you can come back to us without losing anything in the process. You can also decide at any time to delete your account along with your data.

Go ahead! Ask anything you want!

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